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Drive financial inclusion

HAZZA Network Update - 8 April, 2019

Following on to the successful completion of network testing and onboarding of the initial client set, the HAZZA team has been preparing for expansion in Thailand via a nation-wide strategic initiative.

Thailand is a large and growing market, but with bank transfer and COD (cash on delivery) dominating Card Not Present (ecommerce) transactions with a combined 48% of all transactions, and cash dominating Card Present (physical) transactions at an overwhelming 68%, Thailand is an ideal market for HAZZA’s introduction and access to new payment types.

The team has currently been in discussions with major Thai payment parties and testing in-country payment methods. This initiative will further position HAZZA as the new paradigm in payments and validate HAZZA’s open network model.

In parallel, HAZZA continues further development of the open API set and targets a new release at the end of May 2019. The development of HAZZA’s open APIs enables new classes of participants to join the network in a ‘self-service’ model, removing bottlenecks and driving rapid adoption.

HAZZA Network Update - 4 Feb, 2019

HAZZA, the Global Unified Payments Network is proud to announce an increased coverage of payment acceptance on the network for its growing merchant and Payment Service Provider (PSP) clients. Through a number of strategic technical integration points, the expanded range of payment methods has reached over forty payment types and spans five continents.

Popular payment methods include major credit card brands, and a diverse range preferred regional alternative payment methods, such as iDeal and Giropay from Europe, Yandex from Russia, Boleto from South America, and major methods from China. HAZZA will continue to integrate new payment methods, with cryptocurrency and digital cash on target for this year.

Increased payment methods brings convenience to both consumers, merchants and Payment Service Providers and is a component of HAZZA’s strategy to reduce barriers and inefficiencies of the entire payment industry by allowing the world's merchants, payment networks, acquirers, issuers, alternative payment method providers (APMs), payment service providers (PSPs), crypto payments and other industry players (e.g. device manufacturers, POS providers, etc.) to access a low-cost, minimal-engagement, decentralized payment network.

Furthermore, HAZZA has successfully on-boarded initial merchants and payment Service Providers and has performed live transaction on the HAZZA network, demonstrating real world adoption.

In addition to network expansion through organic merchant and Payment Service Provider adoption, HAZZA is in advanced partnership discussions to support a large-scale payment service deployment project in South East Asia. Stay tuned for exciting developments.

HAZZA Network is a global unified and open payments network built and managed to facilitate seamless cryptocurrency payments over existing conventional payment networks.

The HAZZA Network is ready and is preparing for launch.

Merchants, payment service providers, and crypto payment providers can contact us for the HAZZA early access program.

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What is HAZZA




The current payments market is highly fragmented and complex. Many intermediaries exist, taking high fees and creating unnecessary friction at the expense of the consumers, merchants and market participants. With the total non-cash payments transaction value projected to be at $70TN* by 2025, the payments market is awaiting disruption.



We are moving to a digital world. Digital adoption, together with Alternative Payment Methods have seen explosive growth. With the development of Blockchain and Smart Contract technology, the stage is set to bring together a harmonious and frictionless ecosystem for the payments market, and drive financial inclusion.



With the HAZZA project, we aim to take an existing, proven enterprise payment platform to the blockchain. HAZZA aims to revolutionize the payments ecosystem by creating an open access, global, unified payments network governed by the community for the community.



The HAZZA Network is ready and is preparing for launch. Merchants, payment service providers, and crypto payment providers can contact us for the HAZZA early access program. Contact us for more information

* Electronic transactions consist of online and offline payments by credit card, debit card, pre-paid card, eWallets and mobile payments, etc.


Crypto Payment Solutions

Cryptocurrencies and crypto payment solutions can be natively accepted on conventional, mainstream, existing payment networks, and become less dependent upon issuers. This also reduces the burden to merchants of dealing with multiple networks, interfaces and management/reconciliation systems by having a single, consolidated front-end system.


Merchants who want to accept non-cash payments will no longer have to engage in a slow and expensive process of seeking and contracting with various intermediaries who charge fees on every transaction and only provide access to a limited range of payment methods.

Merchants will gain fast and simple access to all payment methods on the HAZZA network, while saving cost and realizing increased revenues from broader payment method access.

HAZZA’s omni-channel technology will also make it easy for any merchant to accept both online and offline payments, supporting ‘O2O’ strategies, all through a single open API.

Payment Method Providers

Payment method providers will no longer be forced to compete in closed and fragmented market where a few payment methods dominate, struggling to gain wider acceptance which is costly and time consuming.

In the Hazza network, payment method providers are free to compete on the merits of their product and have direct access to merchants and other users.

Payment Networks, Issuers and Acquirers

Existing payment networks, issuers, acquirers, and card schemes can leverage on HAZZA's decentralized network and global reach in order to lower their CAPEX/ OPEX and as a result expand their footprint in developing countries or build additional functionalities in existing markets.

Valued Added Service Providers

HAZZA network allows various parties such as Point Of Sale, EFT terminal, FX, KYC, and new emerging service providers to benefit from direct access to participants in the payment ecosystem, driving innovation and new economies.




  • Proprietary, cloud-based technology
  • Intelligent routing & switching for cost optimization
  • Real-time consolidated reporting and dashboards
  • Unlimited scalability


  • Certified processor of Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, Diners Club, and American Express
  • BASE I and BASE II capable
  • Fully functional ISO 8583 Payment Switch
  • Fully compliant local/global instances


  • E-commerce, Physical PoS, mPoS, MOTO, Coupon, Loyalty on a single integrated platform
  • All major Card Brands and comprehensive coverage of global Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)
  • Processing 130+ currencies


  • Web-based, secure portal for transactions management
  • Comprehensive audit trail & access control
  • Encrypted payment card data
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant


The HAZZA network will be built using blockchain technology


The typical payment processing integration model is very linear and dependent on the payment network company. Due to this linear model, the integration is very costly and time lengthy. HAZZA network’s Open API model takes a different approach; the payment channel integrates itself to the HAZZA network using the public API, removing the bottleneck.


Smart contracts will be used to facilitate aspects such as KYC, commercial terms, participant registry, and publishing of services. Due to the nature of this evolving technology, merchants and payments participants will see significant time savings and minimized acquisition costs.


The Foundation will evaluate the new blockchain technology readiness and leverage it for core processing when ready. This includes evaluation of off-chain state channel technologies, such as Lightning Network and RAIDEN.


Tyrone Lynch


Hans Wong

Founder/Payments Technology

Ajmal Samuel



Timothy Sparrow


Stephen Hill



Tyrone Lynch


Tyrone has over 20 years of experience in P&L management for global multinationals in the payments and technology sectors. His expertise lies in international market entry and commercialization of new businesses. Tyrone launched and managed a new global payments service line for NTT Communications Asia. He is also the former CEO of NTT DATA Hong Kong’s global payment business and Senior Executive for Atos Origin and SchlumbergerSema Japan. Tyrone is fluent in Japanese and holds an MBA in international business from Thunderbird.

Hans Wong

Founder/Payments Technology

Hans has over 20 years of industry experience in large-scale mission critical financial infrastructure and payments systems development, deployment and management. He has comprehensive working knowledge of the banking regulatory framework applicable to financial technology, and has previously led the technical direction, development and operation of mass transaction systems and designs and implementation of mission-critical messaging solutions at International Messaging Associates for US government organizations and many large international corporations.

Ajmal Samuel


Ajmal has over 20 years of experience in financial infrastructure, payments, clearing houses, regulatory, IT and management. He is the Ex-President and CEO – Cityline, Founder and CEO – ASAP Transaction Processing Corporation Limited. He also is a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors, member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), International Computer Society, and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and sits as Board member for the Sir David Trench Fund (HKSAR Government).

Pierre Thiercelin


Pierre has over 15 years’ experience in e-commerce, legacy payment/cryptocurrencies and gaming. He has held top management/business driving positions at financial, gaming and electronics companies (Samsung, Ingenico). He is also an entrepreneur and expert consultant for research firms such as De Matteo Monness and Ergo. Pierre’s main focus is on executive level business development and M&A in FinTech (legacy systems and cryptocurrency/blockchain).

Cemal Hamitogullari


Cemal has over 20 years' experience in payment, security solutions and trading. He has held top management/senior positions at security and financial institutions (Ingenico, Cryptomathic, Paytrek). He holds an MBA, BSc in Mathematics, MSc in Finance, full Turkish brokerage license, and is an investment analyst & business developer. Cemal’s main focus is on executive level business development and M&A in FinTech and Security.

Nadja Van Der Veer


A legal professional with a decade of experience in the international payments industry and expert in rules and regulations involving Financial Services, AML, Card Schemes and data protection. Nadja has acquired in-house experience as a Deputy General Counsel for a global Payment Service Provider and as a VP Legal & Regulatory for a European Acquirer. With this experience and a broad perspective on all legal and business aspects of payment processing in the global e-Commerce industry, Nadja provides her clients – including Octo3 – legal and compliance assistance.

Timothy Sparrow


Tim has over 15 years experience in the payments industry, spanning US, UK, Europe, and a decade in Asia. His experience ranges from leading large scale technical payment projects, consulting and advising on fraud management techniques and tools, to co-authoring e-commerce and fraud whitepapers. Tim was employee #1 for CyberSource APAC, and led the launch and managed the region from initial expansion concept through to the acquisition by Visa. He has consulted for many organisations globally, including providing his expertise on Asia Payments to government projects and top tier consulting firms. He is currently Managing Director and board member of a global consulting firm and is based in Hong Kong.

Stephen Hill


Stephen is proficient in German and Japanese and holds a BSc in Economics (Leicester University) and an AMP diploma from Wharton.